New member of the family

We are pleased to announce our first major expansion. Effective February 1st, 2015, we are happy to announce that Aggieville Adventures will be a part of Adventures Media family.


What does that mean for Aggieville Adventures and Knox, a bigger foot print to work. We do not plan to change how Aggieville Adventures operates as that is a great community service project that reach’s so many people. Knox has done a great job giving back to the fine people of Aggieville and helping promote the great times that takes place in the businesses and bars of Aggieville.


Knox will continue to operate Aggieville Adventures until mid June as he will relocate to Denver, CO and assist in our expansion of media operations. We will work diligently to find a suitable replacement for Knox to continue the great work in Aggieville and hope that in the mean time, we will further expand our presence in Manhattan, KS through Knox and as he works to bring more content creators into the family. We will look for photographers, videographers, and in general, content creators. We look to partner with other businesses as well as assist with community outreach.


For further information, you can email our management team at [email protected] or contact Knox directly through [email protected] or through the Facebook Pages.


For employment opportunities, please contact Knox directly for Manhattan, KS or email us for other locations.


-Adventures Media Management team