What is Legacy?


Well, if you go by definition, it talks about the amount of money or property left to someone in a will. It also talks about things handed down by a predecessor. Now, since the idea of Legacy has been around for many years, it has always been thought about objects passed down generation to generation. A good example of this is like a blanket I have stashed away to pass down to my future child(ern) that is already 5 generations old.


More modern way to think about Legacy…


If you look at even the definition of Legacy, the premise is the same as what most have changed the way of looking at it. If you look at how most people look at Legacy since the turn of the 20th century, it has changed to the idea’s, memories, or ideology of someone. With the advancement of technology and society, how we want to leave a Legacy has also changed. If you look at many prominent figures in recent history, they have worked to leave a meaningful and lasting mark on humanity. Now, whether they meant to or not, figures like Nikola Tesla, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, and even Steve Jobs just to name a few have left lasting legacies that people will remember for years. Even works from Aristotle and Plato still influence people even after over 2 milleniums.


Even though our life expectancy has overall been extended with the advancement of medical and other research, I know plenty of people that have kept putting things off into the future where there is more time to work on either projects, ideas, hobbies, or even working on legacies. Now if you have made it this far, you are probably wondering why not only I am talking about Legacy, especially on a site that targets College, Military, and other drunkards that make their way into Aggieville, well, guess its time to explain.


Since starting Aggieville Adventures, I have been called many things. Everything from a friend, great guy, influence, role model, and inspiration for people to get into photography. All of which I am truly grateful for, but I always feel I can do so much more. Especially over the past year, I have sat back and thought; “Why did I not do things like this more when I was younger, making more money, less broken, and when I was more high energy?”. That is when I decided to bring it to the forethought of folks who are younger and have more potential than I have. In almost 2 years, I have begun to work on my Legacy as I touch more lives. People like to say “You’re famous…”; and even though, if I were to look at how many fans I have brought together and take the percentage of that to the local population, ya, one could consider me “famous”, but I just can’t see myself at that level just yet. What will it take for me to feel more accomplished like I have established on a Legacy. Honestly, I don’t know, but I also have an unrealistic standard set for myself.


Now, if you’re wondering what it would take for someone as young as say, 20(ish) years old, to start working on a legacy? Well, that is different for everyone honestly. Not everyone will make it to the modern era Steve Jobs type legacy, but we all can leave something. One thing I have reflected about the last 2 months is that an old high school friend passed away and we did like good friends would do is celebrating his life. I have spent so much time reading what other friends, classmates, and other people that had known him and realized that, this guy, even though not rich, worldly know, had set up his own legacy, without even realizing it. I remember this guy that help teach me to break dance, smile over my own mistake, playing hacky sack, and always dependable. I’ve seen so many people post not only similar stories, but much more in depth on how he touched their lives, but he was loved by many everywhere he lived. Yes, “People die every day, so how can one person make a difference?” But it brought hundreds of people together to not only remember him, but share their stories of what he did or how he touched their lives to complete strangers. That is when it dawned on me that he had a Legacy. I’ve read so many stories the past few months, smiling, crying, and everything in-between as I see the emotional connection from those stories.


So, it doesn’t take big, grand acts to actually established a Legacy, but many small ones as well. The way I look at it, if someone can bring together many strangers to open their hearts, then that is the best kind of Legacy. But back how can you, me, everyone leave one, well, start now. It doesn’t take much to start. You can start by being a good friend, by helping random strangers like that person who might need some help at the grocery store, holding a door open, or even going into the world and doing something grand. It doesn’t matter how big, or even how little deeds may be, they can contribute to one heck of a Legacy. Even though most of us will never know how big of a Legacy we will leave behind in our eventual passing, life is truly too short to not make a difference. We all can all start by inspiring young people, by calling, messaging, texting, or just talking to someone and saying how much they mean to you. Hug your friends, thank your role models, love everyone in your life like never before, and simply “Greet” a stranger. Until you make it big and change the world for the better, there is so much more you can do locally in the mean time.



-Knox, Christophor


****Dedicated to the memory of Quang Le(Q) – A great person that will be missed by myself and many other friends. *****