2018…a late start? opps

So, I actually did type up something at the beginning of the year, but may have let it slip my mind about posting it. And even since doing it up, I have gone through a few very unexpected/unplanned changes. So, with that said, lets cover over the highlights.


100+ videos uploaded to youtube

Expand our Audience

Begin focusing on release schedule of regular content with Patreon

2+ new series

Plan and begin new podcast


Where are we at currently after 4 months.

We have uploaded 30 videos to Youtube so far

Started 2 new series

Podcast setup is almost setup

Still working on regular schedule releases of new series videos


Our newest series that we are happy with so far is our “Veterans Talk”. We dive in asking veterans about their service and transitioning. Our pilot episode has been decently received so far, but we are going to try to continue to grow it. If you are a veteran in the Denver Metro area and wish to tell your story, feel free to reach out to us at the email below.

Our other new series we started was “Beer Workout”. With one of the founds good friends becoming such a viral hit with her wine workout series. We noticed nothing out there for the beer drinkers. So, in good fun, we wanted to give this a shot. By no means are we promoting anything but good humor as we make a fool of ourselves. Some of these should not be tried and remember, it is a good thing to be healthy, but also safe. Drink responsibly.

We expanded our unboxing videos a bit. Due to budgeting, we had to drop our regular Lootcrate boxes. But we were able to do a year subscriptions to Lootcrate DX and a new box for us GeekFuel. So far we are very happy with both of these.

We also hope to gear up for filming some new T-Rexing video’s since it’s been a while. So, be on the look out for those. Also planned is some new 360 degree videos. We have Denver Comic Con coming up this summer. And speaking of warmer weather, maybe even some new scenic  shots.

As always, we hope to find ways to entertain and help do better in the world(especially youtube).


Founder of Adventures Media
[email protected]