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So 2017 is going to be a year of even more changes. Knox is in the process of buying his first house which will allow us to actually have a foot print to do more production and better steam line things we want to work on.

Original goals for 2017:

  • Post/Stream 100 new videos for the year
  • Grow our audience
  • Expand our capabilities
  • Be able to multi-stream to different sites
  • 24 hr Charity Stream

Welp, as of currently, I just have the expanding our capabilities left since it had a couple of sub-goals. We were able to accomplish was using our new 360 degree camera. We got to use it both in March with our trip to London, Germany, and Prague. We also took the camera with us to Denver Comic Con and was able to get some video and photos of the merchants area and artist area.  All other goals have been met and exceeded. We are going to setup better goals for 2018 for sure.

We also gained a new family member and will be including her on more projects. She also is a writer who is working on multiple books.

So, things to look forward too; new podcast(name has yet to be decided. We will take any and all suggestions as well); new video projects; and a bit more shenanigans.

When does this all start? Well, if things go smoothly, hopefully starting some time in September.


Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for continuous updates and join us on our live streams on Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Gaming.

Annual Charity Event

It is time for our 5th Annual 24 hour live streaming charity event.


Sometimes it is hard to live stream in general when you have so much more you are trying to keep track of. Doing that for 24 hours straight, can be even more of a challenge. BUT, when you do it for a cause, it is all worth it. Last year we set out to make it the best year yet, and so far, it has been. Thanks to the Drinking Bro’s: Nerds and Bros & Dragons Inc. communities, 2016 we raised the most yet at $640 during the live stream itself. Down below, I show off what I’ve pulled in at every live stream for charity:



Who do we support? Every spring, we support a military veteran/service member charity organization. This year, we are supporting They support US, NATO, and Australian/New Zealand veterans get through deployments to combat zones, and recover from traumatic physical and emotional injuries with the power of video games. As I like to call it “Therapy thru gaming…”. One thing they do are supply crates where they put together gear, swag, equipment, and GAMES! Air Assaults is where they get together soldiers, veterans and pays for them to attend awesome geek cultured, gaming, and other exciting events. Lastly, they have local “Stacks” across the world where local volunteers; veterans and civilian; who will bring the digital community of the organization to a much more local level.

This year, we are attempting to top last years event. We are attempting to tie in 2 gaming stations, 5 cameras, 3+ mic’s, and more people. We are still working on a list of giveaways, but certain donation amounts will make you eligible for giveaways. Last year we gave away about $150 worth of merch. This year, we have had about $400 worth of swag and gear donated thus far.


Are you interested in joining in on the fun, and you are in the Denver Metro, email Contact[at] and we can coordinate a time you can come on.

When: 6 May 2017
Start time: 09:00 Mountain Daylight Time

Direct donation link:



Aggieville’s Fake Patties Day 2015

On March 7th, 2015, folks decended upon Aggieville for the celebration of a fake holiday; Fake Patties Day. With the closing of Moro Street, patrons got their fun started at 8am. How it all started, no one truly knows the origin, but the general consensuses is that college students and bars got it started so that students could celebrate St Patrick’s Day before they all took off for Spring Break. Knox, the Aggieville Adventures photographer headed out after he finished his day job and got a lot of photos and even some video. We also took a look to see how trendy #FPD2015 got on Twitter.

Trending info for #FPD2015


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  Fake Patties Day 2015 Photos.  


Video(s) from Aggieville – More to be added as we gain permission from content owners