2018…a late start? opps

So, I actually did type up something at the beginning of the year, but may have let it slip my mind about posting it. And even since doing it up, I have gone through a few very unexpected/unplanned changes. So, with that said, lets cover over the highlights.


100+ videos uploaded to youtube

Expand our Audience

Begin focusing on release schedule of regular content with Patreon

2+ new series

Plan and begin new podcast


Where are we at currently after 4 months.

We have uploaded 30 videos to Youtube so far

Started 2 new series

Podcast setup is almost setup

Still working on regular schedule releases of new series videos


Our newest series that we are happy with so far is our “Veterans Talk”. We dive in asking veterans about their service and transitioning. Our pilot episode has been decently received so far, but we are going to try to continue to grow it. If you are a veteran in the Denver Metro area and wish to tell your story, feel free to reach out to us at the email below.

Our other new series we started was “Beer Workout”. With one of the founds good friends becoming such a viral hit with her wine workout series. We noticed nothing out there for the beer drinkers. So, in good fun, we wanted to give this a shot. By no means are we promoting anything but good humor as we make a fool of ourselves. Some of these should not be tried and remember, it is a good thing to be healthy, but also safe. Drink responsibly.

We expanded our unboxing videos a bit. Due to budgeting, we had to drop our regular Lootcrate boxes. But we were able to do a year subscriptions to Lootcrate DX and a new box for us GeekFuel. So far we are very happy with both of these.

We also hope to gear up for filming some new T-Rexing video’s since it’s been a while. So, be on the look out for those. Also planned is some new 360 degree videos. We have Denver Comic Con coming up this summer. And speaking of warmer weather, maybe even some new scenic  shots.

As always, we hope to find ways to entertain and help do better in the world(especially youtube).


Founder of Adventures Media
[email protected]


Coming soon……

So 2017 is going to be a year of even more changes. Knox is in the process of buying his first house which will allow us to actually have a foot print to do more production and better steam line things we want to work on.

Original goals for 2017:

  • Post/Stream 100 new videos for the year
  • Grow our audience
  • Expand our capabilities
  • Be able to multi-stream to different sites
  • 24 hr Charity Stream

Welp, as of currently, I just have the expanding our capabilities left since it had a couple of sub-goals. We were able to accomplish was using our new 360 degree camera. We got to use it both in March with our trip to London, Germany, and Prague. We also took the camera with us to Denver Comic Con and was able to get some video and photos of the merchants area and artist area.  All other goals have been met and exceeded. We are going to setup better goals for 2018 for sure.

We also gained a new family member and will be including her on more projects. She also is a writer who is working on multiple books.

So, things to look forward too; new podcast(name has yet to be decided. We will take any and all suggestions as well); new video projects; and a bit more shenanigans.

When does this all start? Well, if things go smoothly, hopefully starting some time in September.


Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for continuous updates and join us on our live streams on Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Gaming.

Annual Charity Event

It is time for our 5th Annual 24 hour live streaming charity event.


Sometimes it is hard to live stream in general when you have so much more you are trying to keep track of. Doing that for 24 hours straight, can be even more of a challenge. BUT, when you do it for a cause, it is all worth it. Last year we set out to make it the best year yet, and so far, it has been. Thanks to the Drinking Bro’s: Nerds and Bros & Dragons Inc. communities, 2016 we raised the most yet at $640 during the live stream itself. Down below, I show off what I’ve pulled in at every live stream for charity:



Who do we support? Every spring, we support a military veteran/service member charity organization. This year, we are supporting Stack-Up.org. They support US, NATO, and Australian/New Zealand veterans get through deployments to combat zones, and recover from traumatic physical and emotional injuries with the power of video games. As I like to call it “Therapy thru gaming…”. One thing they do are supply crates where they put together gear, swag, equipment, and GAMES! Air Assaults is where they get together soldiers, veterans and pays for them to attend awesome geek cultured, gaming, and other exciting events. Lastly, they have local “Stacks” across the world where local volunteers; veterans and civilian; who will bring the digital community of the organization to a much more local level.

This year, we are attempting to top last years event. We are attempting to tie in 2 gaming stations, 5 cameras, 3+ mic’s, and more people. We are still working on a list of giveaways, but certain donation amounts will make you eligible for giveaways. Last year we gave away about $150 worth of merch. This year, we have had about $400 worth of swag and gear donated thus far.


Are you interested in joining in on the fun, and you are in the Denver Metro, email Contact[at]AdventuresMediaProduction.com and we can coordinate a time you can come on.

When: 6 May 2017
Start time: 09:00 Mountain Daylight Time
Link: www.Twitch.tv/Derfael

Link2: www.beam.pro/Derfael
Direct donation link: https://tiltify.com/events/adventures-media-supports-veterans




What is Legacy?


Well, if you go by definition, it talks about the amount of money or property left to someone in a will. It also talks about things handed down by a predecessor. Now, since the idea of Legacy has been around for many years, it has always been thought about objects passed down generation to generation. A good example of this is like a blanket I have stashed away to pass down to my future child(ern) that is already 5 generations old.


More modern way to think about Legacy…


If you look at even the definition of Legacy, the premise is the same as what most have changed the way of looking at it. If you look at how most people look at Legacy since the turn of the 20th century, it has changed to the idea’s, memories, or ideology of someone. With the advancement of technology and society, how we want to leave a Legacy has also changed. If you look at many prominent figures in recent history, they have worked to leave a meaningful and lasting mark on humanity. Now, whether they meant to or not, figures like Nikola Tesla, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, and even Steve Jobs just to name a few have left lasting legacies that people will remember for years. Even works from Aristotle and Plato still influence people even after over 2 milleniums.


Even though our life expectancy has overall been extended with the advancement of medical and other research, I know plenty of people that have kept putting things off into the future where there is more time to work on either projects, ideas, hobbies, or even working on legacies. Now if you have made it this far, you are probably wondering why not only I am talking about Legacy, especially on a site that targets College, Military, and other drunkards that make their way into Aggieville, well, guess its time to explain.


Since starting Aggieville Adventures, I have been called many things. Everything from a friend, great guy, influence, role model, and inspiration for people to get into photography. All of which I am truly grateful for, but I always feel I can do so much more. Especially over the past year, I have sat back and thought; “Why did I not do things like this more when I was younger, making more money, less broken, and when I was more high energy?”. That is when I decided to bring it to the forethought of folks who are younger and have more potential than I have. In almost 2 years, I have begun to work on my Legacy as I touch more lives. People like to say “You’re famous…”; and even though, if I were to look at how many fans I have brought together and take the percentage of that to the local population, ya, one could consider me “famous”, but I just can’t see myself at that level just yet. What will it take for me to feel more accomplished like I have established on a Legacy. Honestly, I don’t know, but I also have an unrealistic standard set for myself.


Now, if you’re wondering what it would take for someone as young as say, 20(ish) years old, to start working on a legacy? Well, that is different for everyone honestly. Not everyone will make it to the modern era Steve Jobs type legacy, but we all can leave something. One thing I have reflected about the last 2 months is that an old high school friend passed away and we did like good friends would do is celebrating his life. I have spent so much time reading what other friends, classmates, and other people that had known him and realized that, this guy, even though not rich, worldly know, had set up his own legacy, without even realizing it. I remember this guy that help teach me to break dance, smile over my own mistake, playing hacky sack, and always dependable. I’ve seen so many people post not only similar stories, but much more in depth on how he touched their lives, but he was loved by many everywhere he lived. Yes, “People die every day, so how can one person make a difference?” But it brought hundreds of people together to not only remember him, but share their stories of what he did or how he touched their lives to complete strangers. That is when it dawned on me that he had a Legacy. I’ve read so many stories the past few months, smiling, crying, and everything in-between as I see the emotional connection from those stories.


So, it doesn’t take big, grand acts to actually established a Legacy, but many small ones as well. The way I look at it, if someone can bring together many strangers to open their hearts, then that is the best kind of Legacy. But back how can you, me, everyone leave one, well, start now. It doesn’t take much to start. You can start by being a good friend, by helping random strangers like that person who might need some help at the grocery store, holding a door open, or even going into the world and doing something grand. It doesn’t matter how big, or even how little deeds may be, they can contribute to one heck of a Legacy. Even though most of us will never know how big of a Legacy we will leave behind in our eventual passing, life is truly too short to not make a difference. We all can all start by inspiring young people, by calling, messaging, texting, or just talking to someone and saying how much they mean to you. Hug your friends, thank your role models, love everyone in your life like never before, and simply “Greet” a stranger. Until you make it big and change the world for the better, there is so much more you can do locally in the mean time.



-Knox, Christophor


****Dedicated to the memory of Quang Le(Q) – A great person that will be missed by myself and many other friends. *****

Aggieville’s Fake Patties Day 2015

On March 7th, 2015, folks decended upon Aggieville for the celebration of a fake holiday; Fake Patties Day. With the closing of Moro Street, patrons got their fun started at 8am. How it all started, no one truly knows the origin, but the general consensuses is that college students and bars got it started so that students could celebrate St Patrick’s Day before they all took off for Spring Break. Knox, the Aggieville Adventures photographer headed out after he finished his day job and got a lot of photos and even some video. We also took a look to see how trendy #FPD2015 got on Twitter.

Trending info for #FPD2015


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  Fake Patties Day 2015 Photos.  


Video(s) from Aggieville – More to be added as we gain permission from content owners


FAA’s framework for UAS rules

It seems every couple of years some new potentially revolutionary technology or jump in technology comes around. Lately, it has been in the news and growing in hype as prices continue to drop and that is Drones, or small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). On February 15th, 2015; the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued out the proposed framework of regulations. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and FAA Administrator Michael Huerta conducted a call in Sunday after posting the framework for questions from media and industry representatives.

Secretary Foxx said “From Entertainment to Agriculture, there are a host of industries interested in using UAS to improve their business. But for us at the US DOT, the first threshold must be to keep people safe as we move to integrate UAS into our skies”

The FAA proposal offers safety rules for small UAS(under 55 pounds) for non-recreational operations. The rules would limit flights to daylight and visual-line-of-sight operations. With many other safety oriented rules, and new FAA UAS operator Certificate that will take place at new test sites and Center of Excellence which will be announced in the future as the rules become more in place. Re-certification is required every 24 months.

Operators would have to be at least 17 years of age. The UAS operator would not need any other pilot certification or medical exams. New rules proposed are designed to minimize the risk of other aircraft, people, and property on the ground.

Some rules include limited to 500 Feet. Operators must always see and avoid manned aircraft. If there is a risk of collision, the UAS operator must be first to maneuver away. Operators must discontinue the flight when it poses a hazard to other aircraft, people, or property. A small UAS may not fly over people except those directly involved with the flight. Operators must stay out of airport flight paths and restricted airspace areas and obey any FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions(TFR’s).

Public comment on the proposed regulation will be available for 60 days from the date of publication on the Federal Register, which can be located at www.regulations.gov . The FAA intends to hold public meetings to discuss innovation and opportunities to expand the framework before the rules become final. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that it could take 2-3 years due to large amounts of comments from the public and industries.

At first glance, it appears that the FAA and DOT are trying to take the path of least resistance and opening up the skies to the many. However, there are some concerns with the proposed rules of line of sight (LOS) flight. Big names, such as Amazon and Google, to only name two, have shown a keen interest in using drones to deliver goods. Small business have expressed a desire to deliver a pizza or a drink via drone. The proposed rules appear to be written to target this type of flight and to make it difficult, to impossible, to happen.

Numerous commercial, enthusiast and hobbyist applications have been bandied about, but the humanitarian aspect cannot be overlooked. Using drones in search and rescue applications could allow faster response times, better use of money and resources, targeted use of people and resources, and the greatest benefit, the potential to save lives. LOS flight needs to be looked at in the application, as well.

S.W.A.R.M. (http://sardrones.org/swarm-standard-operating-procedure-sop/)  uses first person view (FPV). One of the most common drones, DJI’s Phantom series, has the capabilities of FPV flight. Their Inspire drones allow for two pilot operation; one for the drone and the other for video. FPV allows for drones to flown further than LOS, extending the range and the “vision” of the drones. This should not and cannot be overlooked in the FAA’s rule proposal.

No where in the proposed rules, did it address the problems of someone on the ground causing damage to the drone, specially during flight. On more than one occasion, threats are issued towards the drone and the operator. Many people seem to have the concept that pilots want to use the drone for some nefarious purpose. To be quite honest, pilots who I know and interact with have absolutely no interest in what you are doing in your house or in your backyard. In fact, drone pilots have about as much interest as the news helicopters which fly over your neighborhood, or, as your neighbor walking on the sidewalk with their smartphone, which has video capabilities; that is, drone pilots generally do not care. Drones are also loud and have lights on them, and to get close enough to get actual footage, trust me, you would know it.

But, regardless, there are many who have embraced the idea that drones will be used for some dark and clandestine service, and feel that they have the right to shot them down. That is a concern and I think the proposed rules need to address this.

The proposed rules do discuss flying over people. At first glance, they manner in which the rule is currently written looks good, but examining it more brings up some questions and potential applications. I’m assuming this rule was written with two things in mine: 1. Someone on the ground throwing something, firing something, etc, to cause damage to the drone and bring it down, 2. The drone losing flight capability (e.g. battery drain) and falling out of the sky. This portion of the rule should be looked at more closely and possibly written in a manner which allows for some flight over people.

I can think of sporting events, where the drone footage could provide a new angle and perspective. I can think of coaching events, where the use of drones would help with coaching feedback and could be utilized for marketing. I can think of live coverage of festivals, parades, any large gathering of people.

Authors: Knox and Margaret 

For more information, here is the link for the FAA press release and link for a quick transcription from the call in.




Knox is interviewed by KMAN and they report what we had to say about the new FAA rules.

Sloan Lake, CO

Margaret and Joel take their DJI Phantom Vision+ drones out to Sloan Lake and fly around a bit. Throughout their flight, people stopped by and asked about their drones and where they bought them.




Joel answering a few questions as people were passing by.


New member of the family

We are pleased to announce our first major expansion. Effective February 1st, 2015, we are happy to announce that Aggieville Adventures will be a part of Adventures Media family.


What does that mean for Aggieville Adventures and Knox, a bigger foot print to work. We do not plan to change how Aggieville Adventures operates as that is a great community service project that reach’s so many people. Knox has done a great job giving back to the fine people of Aggieville and helping promote the great times that takes place in the businesses and bars of Aggieville.


Knox will continue to operate Aggieville Adventures until mid June as he will relocate to Denver, CO and assist in our expansion of media operations. We will work diligently to find a suitable replacement for Knox to continue the great work in Aggieville and hope that in the mean time, we will further expand our presence in Manhattan, KS through Knox and as he works to bring more content creators into the family. We will look for photographers, videographers, and in general, content creators. We look to partner with other businesses as well as assist with community outreach.


For further information, you can email our management team at [email protected] or contact Knox directly through [email protected] or through the Facebook Pages.


For employment opportunities, please contact Knox directly for Manhattan, KS or email us for other locations.


-Adventures Media Management team